Corporate Identity Development

Before and After
Gridding up the new logo
Logo Variations
The new logo
The new logo used in stationery (Business Cards)

A great logo had already been developed by my good friend Fred Swart. Notice the “iris” of the eye reflected in the icon. This logo served its purpose admirably for a number of years but by the time I was asked to work on it, it was felt that it needed a “friendlier” approach. From there then the rainbow colours and the use of lower-case letter work.

Awareness Campaign

Icons developed for the Eye Love Jozi campaign for TheEyemakers optometrists
"Eye, Love, Jozi" Campaign Icons
Eye Love Jozi hanging banners
Campaign Flags
Eye Love Jozi t-shirts

This awareness campaign was launched to help advertise the fact that theeyemakers are active in the local Johannesburg community. Screenings were set up at various local schools and eye-catching marketing material was developed to heighten visibility.


The website is an ongoing project which keeps on changing with the ever-changing demands and tastes of theeyemakers customers. The latest addition is a catalogue that shows the most prominent brands of eyewear. Customers often prefer to shop in the comfort of their home and having a website that shows what brands are available goes a long way to help with the selection process.