Graphic Design

Corporate Identity. This is taken to mean the design of logos and other collateral material to support a brand. Identity systems need to tread a fine line between controlling the brand image and allowing enough flexibility for innovative thinking. Stationery, signage and various forms of livery all come together to enhance the brand experience when carefully aimed at the same outcome.

3d Modelling & Rendering

Packaging needs to be seen to be understood and the construction of mock-ups is a time consuming and expensive exercise. Having a pack modelled in 3d makes it possible to see what the design is going to look like when actually constructed without the cost of manufacture. Clients have found that the 3d rendered result may be better than the actual object. 3d Renderings have come to replace photography in many cases because of the tremendous amount of control possible.

Packaging Design

Designing packaging can be a technical task. Working with spot-colours and the specific requirements of printers can be daunting. Artwork has to be manipulated to paint the brand in the best possible light. All this has to be kept in mind.

Website Design

No brand is complete without a website. No point in having a great logo that is invisible to the Internet. Websites should reflect the brand sensibilities of the client and not compete with it. It should support and not overpower.

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