SA JKA Karate

Corporate Identity

Before and After
Logo of the SA JKA
The official SA JKA logo
SA JKA logo on a black background
Reversed out version of the logo
Horizon Karate Centre Round SAJKA Logo
Karate Club badge based on the new logo
Kigai SAJKA Square Logo
Karate Club logo with dojo name added
SAJKA t-shirt artwork
T-shirt graphic with the logo and Masatoshi Nakayama
SAJKA t-shirt for him and her
His and Hers t-shirts
SA JKA seminar poster
Event poster with the logo
SA JKA business card
Business Cards

The SA JKA (South African Japan Karate Association) has had a logo for many years. It was based on a concept developed by Masatoshi Nakayama, a dynamic Japanese driving force behind international karate. His idea was to show the moon and sun in alignment, symbolic of harmony found in nature. Karate should also seek to find harmony with what is natural.

My contribution was to look for harmony in the elements of the logo. The word “karate” was dropped because this logo will always be seen in a karate context. “Karate” becomes superfluous. Then the strokes of the letter work and the ring around the sun were standardised, creating a subliminal sense of unity. The Japanese kanji was updated to a modern sans serif font and Tittilium Web was used for the Western counterpart. The two typefaces share a square nature that helps them function as a team.


Landing page of the SAJKA website
Close up of the website artwork
Graphic shown at the top of the SAJKA landing page
Masthead 1
Graphic shown at the top of the SAJKA landing page
Masthead 2
Graphic shown at the top of the SAJKA landing page
Masthead 3
SA JKA logos used on maps and layouts
Map showing the dojo footprint in South Africa
SA JKA logos on a web page
Each dojo has its own information page
Kovsie Karate website which is based on the new CI
Freestate JKA Karate Website
Close up view of the Kovsie Karate website. Orance for the Orange Freestate.
Horizon Karate Centre website which is based on the new CI
Close up view of the Horizon Karate Centre website

The SA JKA website was developed to serve a contingent of 160 dojos (training centres) across South Africa. It serves to inform of events taking place and has a sister website where payment for events can be made.