Dojo Websites

A well designed website will advertise your dojo 24 hours of the day. It works like a brochure, but can do so much more.

  • Contact forms make it possible for new students to register online, which means less admin for you. You can easily copy and paste new student info.
  • A calendar can communicate important dates to dojo members.
  • Carefully chosen images or videos will give a sneak peek inside the dojo.
  • Important information like dojo etiquette can be published.
  • Links to your social media pages connect FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to the website.

Dojo Website Design

R 3000
Once Off
  • Landing Page
  • Contact Form
  • Calendar
  • Training Roster
  • Member list with photos
  • Social Media Links
  • PC, Android and iPhone

Once the website is designed a domain has to be registered for it and it has to be hosted before it can be seen online. 

Dojo Website Hosting

R 300
Per Month
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • Site Maintenance

Bear in mind that successful domain registration cannot be guaranteed. If someone else has already registered your preferred domain name it is often best to adjust your dojo name.

Dojo Logos

Dojo Logo Examples

Kigai SAJKA Square Logo
Official SA JKA Square Dojo Logo
Horizon Karate Centre Round SAJKA Logo
Official SA JKA Round Dojo Logo
Ossu Logo
Ossu Custom Dojo Logo
Bear Martial Arts Logo
Bear Kiddies Custom Dojo Logo

Official SA JKA Dojo Logo

R 200
Per Logo
  • Formats: .ai, .pdf, .jpg, .png
  • High-resolution
  • For stationery, Facebook, signage

Note that we will have to obtain approval from SA JKA Honbu before logo artwork can be handed over.

Custom Dojo Logo

R 2000
Per Logo
  • Formats: .ai, .pdf, .jpg, .png
  • High-resolution
  • For stationery, Facebook, signage
  • About 5 design hours to be spent

You may prefer to add a personal touch to your logo to make it unique. With enough input from you I can create a design that will be both unique, professional looking and easy to apply almost anywhere. The design can include illustration. Talk to me if you are unsure.

Please bear in mind that only logo artwork will be supplied. This deal does not include printing. However, you are welcome to contact me if you wish to have a logo printed, embroidered or sign-written.